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Sending a File to Image Communications is EASY!!

Save your travel time and CD's by uploading to our FTP site or transferring files online!


Before Your Upload

Before your upload your files, please download our Large Format Requirements (pdf) page and check to your files.


Ways to Transfer your files

- Files may be emailed to if they are less than 15MB. Please include all relative job specs in your email to expedite your order.

- Larger files may be sent through many online file transfer websites such as Yousendit, Dropbox,, or

yousendit dropbox transferbigfiles dropsend

Make sure to send the files to and then fill out the submission form at the bottom of the page.

- You may also upload to our FTP site. Details are listed below.


Special Notes For FTP Uploads

All files need to be compressed as ZIP files to be uploaded.

Macintosh files can be saved as ZIP files by using the "Compress 'your filename...'" function. Control+click on the folder or file to access "Compress..." function from the File menu.

Windows files can be saved as ZIP files by right-clicking on the specific folder or file and selecting "compress" or "add to zip file"

If your file is over 500mb please call us at 480.443.0057


FILE UPLOAD *All Files must be compressed in ZIP format

Choose a file to upload:  

*NOTE: Please click the Upload button only once. Once the file has completely uploaded you will be notified the upload was successful.


After Your Upload

Please fill out the FTP Upload Form Below.


Fill out my online form.
Online contact and registration forms from Wufoo.



Please Read our
Large Format Requirements
prior to uploading files.


All files should be compressed as ZIP files as shown on the left.


Please call if files are larger than 500MB each.


Click Upload button only once. You will receive confirmation when upload completes.


Please email once the file is finished uploading.